Someone said where do you live?

I said in a hole.

A hole?

Yeah a hole is my home.

Not only my home, but fredrick’s home.


Yeah it’s more of a summer home for Fredrick, he has eight legs and is carnivorous.

So this home?

Yes, My home.


Well yes, the home. It shelters me from the elements, keeps my family safe from predators and stores my food.

What does your home do…?….


Jim Ford is the type of musician that must have walked into the studio and secretly left part of his soul on every track. You might not be able to see it, but you can feel it in all of his work. His songs have been recorded by Aretha Franklin, Bobby Womack, and The Temptations to name a few.  Listen to this tune with your eyes closed to visualize the sound of our time.  The arrangement along with the lyrics seem to guide me to a place I feel familiar with but have never been, a silent community of dissenters across our country.  Feel it, dig it and NEVER GET USED TO THE SOUND….

This is what America should look like.  The campaign trails in America usually look more like commercials on Meet The Press where you see what someone’s generation thinks we value then portrays it with cinema quality video. Yet at the end of it, they will remind you all these moving pictures are being provided by fucking Boeing, GE, or Lockheed and Martin.  Basically the people feeding off the favors of the people who we chose to represent us.  But in the case below, all you see is an old Senator from the state of Vermont being a compassionate human being.  Watch it and feel the love.