Your recent release Visionland was recorded at Plum Creek Sound Studios.  How was the experience working with Israel Nash and Ted Young?

It was amazing. We spent a little over two weeks out in Dripping Springs, TX fully submersed in the album. We meshed really well with Israel and Ted and I think it shows.

I read that the album title came from an old amusement park that some of you grew up near.  I have a serious love for all things theme park.  What are some of your best memories of that park before it shut down?

Yeah, Visionland was a theme park in Bessemer, AL. Despite its many, many faults there were some good times had there. The Rampage (their wooden coaster) was pretty cool when it worked.

Visionland seems likes its gone down more of a psychedelic vein than your last LP.  If you all had to pick one person in the band as your spirit guide, who would it be and why?

Haha. I think we’d probably outsource that job.

Word on the street is you’ve done around 600 shows in the last three years.  What effect does all that time on the road have on you personally and on the music you create?

I’d say more than that. It’s hard to say how effected I am by it. Too far in it to know, I guess. It gives you a lot of material to write about, though.

Finally, what are you all listening to in the tour van lately and who gets to control the dial?

We’ve been listening to a lot of Gerry Rafferty, Faces, Kendrick Lamar, Wu Tang, Mel Tillis, and Blaze Foley. Typically whoever is riding shotgun also DJ’s. Keeps it fresh.

“Fine, Fine, Day” off their new LP Visionland

The Blues Magoos “Psychedelic Lollipop”

I swung by Rushmor tonight to pick up J. Roddy Walston & the Business’ new album “Tremors”  but saw this guy staring at me from across the room.  It has been on my about to purchase list along with every other psych album from the late 1960s I want but have yet to possess.  Now the decision was do I buy a copy of “psychedelic lollipop” that’s been loved, or do I order a new copy of the recently released version? (Like I did with The Blues Magoos “Electric Comic Book”)  It did not take long to walk that beauty up to the counter and commit.  This was also a “find” as I like to put it, by that I mean I was not planning on purchasing it but the record store did the leg work and I stumbled across it.  The music one purchases seems to be more exciting when you get home if it’s a “find” and not an expected purchase.  Not only does it sound great but the idea that someone listened to this album 48 years ago when this type of music was being made makes it that much easier to get under your skin.  Plus psych with a little needle noise never hurts the experience.  The album does host the hit single “Nothin Yet” but also has a list of songs that can pull you up and down emotionally through their creativity.  The track “Love seems Doomed” seems to bring you through this by communicating the tone through the music and hollowness of the song.  Now I gotta jet because “she is coming home” is playing figuratively and acoustically through my life!