I know it took you a while to get from the aforementioned title to this paragraph, but the answer is Banditos’ self titled debut. Not convinced by the title of this post, watch them perform ‘Still Sober (After All These Beers) on Audiotree to drown out any thought of doubt. Their music refuses to stop my hips from shaking, even though I am screaming “stop shaking you stubborn jazzy pelvis.” Do Bloodshot Records and these Alabama natives a solid and spread the word about their tunes.

I have been listening to the stories Jason Isbell has sung for more than a few years.  From ‘Outfit’ to ‘Live Oak’ Mr. Isbell writes stories that seem to bring me back to my roots, even if it is in a way folklore reminds you of your faults and aspirations.  But it seems over the years his songwriting has continued to transcend what I have come to expect.  The music has continued to reflect the tone of the song and the lyrics grow closer to the author himself. It has been and always will be honorable to make yourself vulnerable to your audience no matter what the art your pursue. Below is ’24 Frames’ off his upcoming LP Something More Than Free which drops July 17th. Enjoy, reflect and pick up his LP this summer,