Someone said where do you live?

I said in a hole.

A hole?

Yeah a hole is my home.

Not only my home, but fredrick’s home.


Yeah it’s more of a summer home for Fredrick, he has eight legs and is carnivorous.

So this home?

Yes, My home.


Well yes, the home. It shelters me from the elements, keeps my family safe from predators and stores my food.

What does your home do…?….


This will be a reoccurring post.  I like looking at where my feet walk and then look up to find out what is going on in this micro ecosystem.  What might be coming through here?  Where is the sun at what time of day? How long have you been here? Who may have stepped here before me?


Check out these Hooded Merganser (native to Wisconsin) ducklings take a leap of faith only one day after they’re born to follow their mother’s call.  It’s gnarly and it shows us that humans are not the only ones who have more daring ones among us.  The footage below comes from the PBS nature documentary ‘Animal Homes.’ It’s on Netflix, so check it out, ya dig?



For those of you who hunt in a marsh, you know the best time to get work done is in the middle of god damn winter. No bugs, the marsh is frozen over and your not f’n up your hunting season. Here are few shots of Scott and my kin preparing for the next season.