Jim Ford is the type of musician that must have walked into the studio and secretly left part of his soul on every track. You might not be able to see it, but you can feel it in all of his work. His songs have been recorded by Aretha Franklin, Bobby Womack, and The Temptations to name a few.  Listen to this tune with your eyes closed to visualize the sound of our time.  The arrangement along with the lyrics seem to guide me to a place I feel familiar with but have never been, a silent community of dissenters across our country.  Feel it, dig it and NEVER GET USED TO THE SOUND….

According to Halden Wofford & the Hi*Beams “just because you ain’t a sinner don’t mean that you’re a saint!” I concur with this statement, dig the story below. I found out about these ruckus raising foot stompers by going to a record store in Boulder that was in a few double wides. The people in the shop were good people and had an outstanding collection but Halden Wofford & the Hi Beams was the best thing I walked out with that given day! 

This will be a reoccurring post.  I like looking at where my feet walk and then look up to find out what is going on in this micro ecosystem.  What might be coming through here?  Where is the sun at what time of day? How long have you been here? Who may have stepped here before me?


Check out these Hooded Merganser (native to Wisconsin) ducklings take a leap of faith only one day after they’re born to follow their mother’s call.  It’s gnarly and it shows us that humans are not the only ones who have more daring ones among us.  The footage below comes from the PBS nature documentary ‘Animal Homes.’ It’s on Netflix, so check it out, ya dig?