Bomber Handsaw!

I have been through dozens of handsaws in my day. Frustrations have been common place: it works good for a few uses then is dull, the blade moves laterally when cutting causing it to stick, the lock is garbage, the handle is not comfortable ect. Fortunately, I picked up the Kershaw Taskmaster a few months ago. Its teeth came extremely sharp with a 7″ fold out blade and makes cutting off a 3″ branch fluff work. This is extremely important for me when I am in my tree stand 20′ in the air. There is nothing worse than exposing yourself to harm because you’re using a shitty tool. It also performs solidly in camp whether you’re taking a few branches off a deadfall for firewood or you’re just keeping it in your pack to clear trail. It retails for $44.99 but I got mine for around 20 bucks off steapandcheap so keep your eyes open for a good deal on this solid product. Overall review: BOMBER SAW

Kershaw Hand Saw

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