Don’t Forget The Sticky Savior

If you carry duck tape on your kit at some point that sticky tape will be your hero.  It has saved me on dozens of occasions in various conditions. We humans tend to be careless, so there is usually one or two items that are forgotten when packing your kit.  But lucky for us duck tape can fulfill many purposes in the bush.

My most recent use of the savior all mighty was my last winter camping trip.  I packed the night before and went through my normal routine.  To my surprise when I pulled my tent bag out of my pack at 11:45pm in 5 degree weather I realized I grabbed the wrong tent bag, the one I packed had a broken pole!  Not only was this tent not as bomber as my regular tent it was also broken.  This could of made for a very long night.  But within a few seconds I realized I had captain reliable on my fuel tank.  Within a few minutes the crisis was resolved.

Duck tape has mended my clothes, waterproofed ripped hard shells, fixed kitchen wear and even performed some first aid in the bush.  I put mine around my MSR fuel bottle but a water bottle will work as well. No matter where it goes just make sure it becomes part of your kit!


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