Deertick Live on King Street

Deertick headlined Live on King Street on August  22nd and delivered the goods to a crowd of enthusiastic fans.  It seemed  as  though both the band and the crowd had about the same level of enthusiasm, which on a 1-10 scale was a shaking 11.

The band played an array of songs from their catalog including tracks from 6 different releases. They leaned heavy on their latest release “Negativity” which brought a more sentimental set then I saw previously this year at The Majestic.  There was a even a heart tugging rendition of “In our Time” w/McCauley’s now very pregnant wife Vanessa Carlton.    Not that it was sparse of great rock n’ roll moments, especially a fantastic performance of “Thyme”.  This track sounded amazing live with every psychedelic layer coming through crisp.

photo 2

Throughout the entire set the band seemed on point, probably due to their non-stop touring, but it could also be the fact that it genuinely seems like they dig playing with each other as much as they dig their music.  Throughout the night three different members took lead vocals, and no one was put in a corner on the stage, which always results in a better show, just ask The Band.

So Deertick, get your ass back to WI and maybe Milwaukee in the near future.

Songs Played

1. Standing at the Threshhold

2.  Born at Zero

3. The Dreams in the Ditch

4. Baltimore Blues No. 1

5. Main Street

6. Mr. Sticks

7. Clownin’ Around

8.) Twenty Miles

9. Mange

10. Trash

11. I Got a Rocket in my Pocket (NRBQ cover)

12.  Smith Hill (fucking hells yeah, great song which makes me tear up everytime when I am hungover in the truck)

13. The Curtain

14.  These Old Shoes

15. Now it’s Your Turn

16. Thyme (see above)

17. In our Time (with Vanessa Carlton)

18. The Bump

19. Easy

20. Not so Dense

21. Ashamed

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