Review: Grace Digital’s Exogear Bluetooth Speaker

Exogear getting a taste of the elements
Exogear getting a taste of the elements.

If your looking for a robust, affordable little speaker, this guy should be the apple of your eye.

It comes in a sturdy case and looks like the type of speaker you can jam in your pack, then sit on during your lunch break and not think twice about it.  The case itself is waterproof and has a removable cap with an o-ring that houses the mini-USB port (not the newer micro-USB) to recharge the speaker as well as an auxiliary jack for devices that are not Bluetooth compatible.

The battery life is advertised for ten hours which I can vouch for, making it great for a weekend at the cabin or a few days on the river or trail.  It is equipped with a speaker phone that works fine as long as you stay relatively close to the speaker itself.  I paced off the Bluetooth range and only started losing it around 35 feet but I am sure this is dependent on varying conditions.  I have done 15-20 feet in a dense forested area and the sound did not seem to be compromised, just for some perspective.

The sound quality is acceptable but since the two speakers are so close together you do not get much of a stereo sound.  The only time I noticed a loss in sound quality is when you really jack up the volume.  I purchased my Exogear speaker for a few specific circumstances such as: inside my kayak, the bottom of a rowboat (I use for fishing), backpacking/kayaking trips, and to play around the occasional campfire.

Overall this guy is great for it’s price and has brought audio to places where mother nature would not let me before.  As we all know there is nothing like listening to Towns Van Zandt fishing in the pouring rain.  So if your looking for a sound companion that can handle your not so clean/dry lifestyle pick one up, you won’t regret it.

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