Lee Baines III & The Glory Fires @ Circle A

I still have rock ‘n’ roll running through my veins from a spectacular/intimate show Sunday night at Circle A in Riverwest.  Lee Baines III & The Glory Fire played for a small crowd but maintained a rip-the-fucking-roof-off approach despite the turnout.

If you have yet to hear about LB3 &  The Glory Fires they are a rock band from Tuscaloosa, Alabama who play unapologetic rock ‘n’ roll music.  These guys can navigate genres as well as a master angler can drop a crank bait on any shoreline.  They effortlessly weave between punk, southern rock, gospel, blues, you name it.  They do this with ease but refuse to relinquish their edge.  They have a full length LP that was released in 2012 on Alive Naturalsound Records called There Is A Bomb in Gilead (damn good record).  They will also be releasing their SubPop debut album Deconstructed on May 27, 2014, to what I feel will be great acclaim considering a few new songs that were on display Easter Sunday.

Now when it comes to the show, I was jacked up just to be there (and with a few whiskey cokes/Pabsts in me) the details may be thinner than they deserve to be.  They started the show with “Righteous Ragged Road” off of There Is A Bomb in Gilead.  From this song on the band played with ridiculous enthusiasm.   The venue was small, the crowd was thin (Easter Sunday), and the vocals were a little quiet, but the noise they made was phenomenal.  I have been to 40 plus shows over the last year, and this one is definitely the one that will be cast into my memory.  There were jumps off of bar stoles, double decker piggy back guitar playing, and plenty of general rock ‘n’ roll shit happening throughout the evening.   These guys gave it their all and played tight, not ignoring the details that would be easy to cover up on a night like this.

Lee Baines III has been playing for a long time (with The Dexateens), but I highly doubt there are many people who have been to his shows and who would not return to see him play again.  The effort put forth by all members of the band deserved a stadium applause.  It’s been awhile since I have seen a group feeding off each other’s energy like these fellas did.  This night is the reason why you attend so many shows throughout the year.  To have a snapshot of a band at a certain time in their career, a metaphorical Polaroid to put in your head.  I have a renewed sense of rock ‘n’ roll and I have feeling after May 27, 2014 (the day Deconstructed drops) much of the rock ‘n’ roll community will as well.  This band acted like gentlemen the entire evening, treating locals like friends, treating the staff like family, and playing hard for the fans that were there.  I will let you know when I leave a show more satisfying than the one on display Sunday night, but I am not expecting it to come too soon.

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