Make Record Store Day Everyday!

Although I appreciate and participate in Record Store day, I believe as  a consumer you can do more tomorrow than just buy a few copies of rare(r) vinyl.  Tomorrow you should pledge to stop by your record store more often or at least as often as  your budget allows.  Tangible music seems to be on an upswing but you are the only thing keeping your record store open.

I hear some people say, “well the record shop doesn’t have what I like”  well no shit cause you don’t go in often enough to build a relationship with the person behind the counter.  If they don’t have something you like ask them to order it for you.  They have access to anything you can find on Amazon or the world wide web.  The difference is maybe a couple of bucks to you, but also in return you keep brick and motor shops open, build community, probably build a relationship with the shop and find better music.  I know the way I started navigating music entirely changed when I decided to get all my records from “my” record store Rush Mor.  You will bridge generations, stay hip to the local scene and develop a keen nose for vinyl.  It is one of the most exciting sensory experiences of existence when I walk into a record store.  Whether it be a quick pick up or a day you finger through records for 25 minutes and end up buying that 7″ that you have been eying for 15 months, that smell brings a sense of relaxation, timelessness and a general feeling of escape.

You would be an asshole if you only called your mother on Mother’s Day and a dick if you only got your gal flowers on Valentine’s Day.  So do not just visit your record store on its special day.  Start getting excited on Tuesday of every week and pick up your favorite artists releases when they come out.  A lot of energy/money goes into releasing new LPs, so pick it up when it’s hot.  Then maybe you wouldn’t have to bitch when one of your favorite band’s come to town and they play mostly off of the new album or that your store is not stocking the music your into.  Not to sound like a  wing nut libertarian, but create the demand and the supply will follow.  So pledge to pick up records on a more regular basis and treat yourself to a used record on the cheap, a compilation album or an import.  Then you will posses all the great stuff you don’t see on your computer screen and your record store along with your experience will pay you back ten fold.

See you all tomorrow and hopefully the week after.

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