A Night With Lynrd Skynrd

I threw on One More From The Road this evening and was drenched in Skynrd.  Released in 1976 this album was recorded at Fox Stadium over July 7-9, 1976 in Atlanta, Georgia (which became Skynrd’s honorary hometown).  From the first track “Workin’ for MCA” you feel like you are part of the experience and the attitude they bring to the stage.  The album really comes through on wax, and you can almost smell the smoke and feel the beer spilling around you.

The album is loaded with hits but some of the deeper tracks come through just as sick.  “Travellin’ Man” exemplifies the three guitar attack and the harmonizing abilities of these southern gentleman. On “Sweet Home Alabama”  the back up singers wail and will put chills down your spine.  The album closes with, you guessed it, “Free Bird”  but what did you expect.  The yelling of “Free Bird” can be heard throughout the live album, but after the album commences you too are glad that they got to “Free Bird” as well.

The cheers of the crowd and Ronnie Van Zant’s commentary between songs makes you feel like you experienced a small portion of this remarkable three night stint.  But shit, I’ll take it.  If I close my eyes and put myself in the right state I can even see his bare feet running across the stage.

Skynrd!!  Put your lighter up, dammit..

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