Fidlar is Rad!

Fidlar is a punk outfit from California who has been continuously playing throughout my life the last few weeks.  Their self entitled album “Fidlar” was released in January of 2013 and is 39 minutes of unabashed punk rock attitude.  Maybe it is a lusting for a spring break I never got in college or the winter blues that has brought me to just wanting to get weird.  But I can tell you that when I press play all I can think about is rocking out with my people with absolutely no inhibitions.  This makes me smile because I take getting weird rather serious and I can appreciate the devotion Fidlar puts towards this topic.

One could presumptuously look over this album and say it is just punk rock.  But these guys are way ahead of the curve, they make the music that is reflective of what their experiencing and do it with a shit load of bravado.  They seem united with each melody they yell over the mic and you can feel the intensity of the three guitar attack.  They definitely have a  West coast punk sound but also incorporate some psychedelic riffs  such as in “Blackout Stout”.  In “Paycheck” they bring some country riffs into their music, the diversity in their craft keeps the album interesting listen after listen.

The song “Cheap Beer” is a highlight of the album for me, proclaiming   “I DRINK CHEAP BEER SO WHAT FUCK YOU”.  This song lets me get out  what I want to say to every hipster who tells me they don’t carry Coors Light at their establishment.   The writing is catchy and also elicits a great deal of emotion through the tone and tempo of each song.  Some songs seem to reflect these guys taking a step back from excess and realizing the extent to how they are living,  such as on “Wake, Bake, Skate” where it is sung,  “I’m so strung out. I can’t even see.  Shit, it’s so hard .  I can’t even breathe.  But I gotta for myself.  I gotta change this life.”  This is a good thing in my book, because I hope these young guys continue to put out great rock music for many years to come.

With Saturday night in mind, give it a listen yourself and you will most likely feel the urge to jump up and down and find the poison of your choice to consume.  There is much to be said about bands brave enough to make a record that they want to make, and if anything this record seems to achieve exactly that.   As their fans know, Fidlar is an acronym for, ” Fuck it dog, life’s a risk”  indeed Fidlar, Indeed!

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